Monday, August 16, 2010

Keeping those Hamburgers at Hand

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How cute are these?! They are used to wipe off any screen  (computer, laptop, cellphone, mp3, hand games, and tvs). You can break it down so say you needed to wipe off your glasses well grab some bacon or cheese or even pickles from your purse and wipe away those annoying spots on your lenses. Buy them here.

Totoro Tattoo

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Cute Hello Kitty Figurines

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Let's eat Panda!

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Shy panda cookies that is!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cute Plush Shop

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Necklaces and earrings found in the Cute Plush shop

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue Frosting Doughnuts

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Blue frosting doughnuts made by blogger Sprinkle Bakes. Visti her blog for more pictures and recipies and a short tutorial on how to make these cuties.

Create your own Sweet Straws of Love

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A Field Journal's Sweet Straws includes a downloadable set of instructions with pictures.

Cushion Art

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Handmade Paper Dolls

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Found these lovely handmade paper dolls Kirakirahoshi’s Shop. You have sweet Japanese girls clad in beautiful kimono, elegant Chinese girls clad in costumes worn during the Qing Dynasty, Korean couples in traditional Korean costumes and Indian ladies in their sarees. And all of them come dressed in interesting details and accessories!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waiting for those moments to pass

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Electric Trash - An online magazine

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Electric Trash is a free online magazine that is based on Jfashion (Japanese fashion). The magazine is aimed to be released seasonally (December, March, June, and September) and a giveaway accompanies each issue.


Keeping it cute with Rilakkuma

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Dolly Oblong

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Dolly Oblong is full of cute knitted plush and funky paper toys!

Sick for Cute

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If you're a fan of kawaii stuff, Sick for Cute is a shop worth visiting. 

Fugu Fugu Press

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If you like cute cards then you need to check out Fugu Fugu Press. They make letterpress printed cards in a range of adorable designs for every occasion.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Matina Amanita Heartbeats rings

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Matina Sukhahuta studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in product design. In 2005, Matina launched her own line of fantastical and charmingly feminine jewellery - Matina Amanita. Matina also creates accessories for the runway shows of Sretsis, the clothing line of her equally talented sister Pim Sukhahuta.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuffed Hamster Plush Pillow

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  Find them at Bubbledog Etsy Shop

A Specialty Store

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Omiyage is an online store that specializes in Japanese stationery, masking tape, fabric, craft supplies, paper, zakka and more imported directly from Japan.

Kokeshi Wall Stickers

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How cute are these new wall stickers from Bright Star Kids? Each set comes with 12 various sized Kokeshi Dolls and 11 Butterflies so there’s plenty to decorate a whole room.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fawn Fruits

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Fawn Fruits is the brainchild of South Korean artist Daniel Hyun Lim with a strong influence of Japanese culture, beginning with the name that makes reference to street fashion inspired by the overdose of colors.

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San-x's Mamegoma seals to be exact

Eaten by a shark! Morbidly cute!

Twinkle Chan

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The Yummy You clothing line is created by none other then Twinkie Chan ~ The two tees up above were exculsivly made for dELiAs and are avalible on both their site and in stores under the brand "Yummy You".

Check out dELiAs' shipping information here

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something is brewing in 'I Eat Kawaii'

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I have something special planned for tomorrow that I'm sure will interest some, if not all, of you.

Also, you can now find 'I Eat Kawaii' in tumblr!

Same name, same pretties - here!

Totoro Jump!

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Pink Bears

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Bear speakers from Juicy Couture.

Goth and Glamour

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You can find more at CallowLily Art

Food for your iPhone

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